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24 Hours Locksmith Service Delray Beach

Our locksmiths are available around the clock for any type of locksmith service.

Best Locksmith Prices Delray Beach

No one can beat our prices, and we quote all prices upfront.

Mobile Locksmiths Delray Beach

Our locksmiths are local in your area and mobile, so we come to you.

Emergency Locksmith Service in Delray Beach FL

Emergency Locksmith

If you are locked outside of your house, car or business, either lost your keys or if they broke, give us a call and we're about 25 minutes away to the rescue! We also provide emergency lock change service.

Automotive Locksmith Service in Delray Beach FL

Automotive Locksmith

We unlock cars, cut car keys, program transponder keys, program remotes and program key fobs. We replace ignitions, door locks and everything else that involves a car key or a car lock.

Residential Locksmith Service in Delray Beach FL

Residential Locksmith

We unlock houses, apartments & garages. We change locks, rekey locks, install new locks and fix/repair your old locks. We also sell high security locks and electronic deadbolts..

Commercial Locksmith Service in Delray Beach FL

Commercial Locksmith

We change locks, rekey locks and install new locks, including high security locks. We also install exit devices and panic bars, electronic keypads and digital locks.

Locksmith in Delray Beach

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, we are a 24 hour locksmith service who will always be available for you regardless of whether your needs are related to your vehicle, home, commercial property, or even a government building. Thanks to our high level of training and years of experience, we have seen nearly everything which means that we are guaranteed to help. Feel free to check out our amazing reviews from previous customers.

Although we are proud of many factors of our business, it is the fact that we are a local locksmith in Delray Beach that allows us to offer such a personalized service to all customers. No matter where you are in Delray Beach, we aim to receive your call and get to you within the quickest time possible. As we are local, we know all the best routes, where road works are located at any given time and even what the traffic will be like during different times of the day. With the locksmiths based outside of town, they will never have this inside knowledge even with the most up-to-date satellite navigation systems.

We recognize that, if you’re contacting us, there is a high chance that you are in a stressful situation. Whether your lock has broken, your key has got jammed, or you’ve been locked out, we appreciate the situation so will get to you as soon as possible and offer a friendly and efficient service once we’re there.

In addition to this, we want our customers to have full disclosure every step of the way which means that we will let you know prices from our very first point of contact. Before any work is completed, you will be aware of the work that needs doing and the final cost. Normally, a visual inspection or a simple test will be all that’s required for an estimate to be drawn up so you won’t be left with a nasty surprise at the end.

Emergency Locksmith Delray Beach

What sort of locksmith in Delray Beach would we be if we didn’t offer a 24-hour service? Unfortunately, bad luck can strike at any time and we realize this which is why we will do our best to get out to you regardless of the time. Even when the weather can be considered ‘extreme’, we will do our best to be the rescue service you need. If you find yourself locked out of your house or car, give us a call and we can let you know a plan of action.

As an emergency locksmith, we can unlock doorknobs, deadbolts, replace locks, and more whenever you require. Furthermore, it doesn’t even have to be your house as you may find yourself running into a little trouble with your vehicle too. Not only we will cut car key replacement keys, we also have state-of-the-art equipment that will allow us to help with car key fobs and the related programming as well.

Finally, we also offer a fantastic locksmith service to all businesses and offices that may require our services. Whether it is changing the locks or fixing a problem with the keys when there is an employee turnover, we can help.

Automotive Locksmith Delray Beach

As a locksmith in Delray Beach FL, we have also built up a reputation for a fast response time whenever you need to get into your car or make a replacement key. When you are in a rush to get to an important meeting or a family engagement and realize that you have lost the key or locked it inside the car, there is not much in the world that can match in terms of frustration. For this reason, we want to be the solution so the disruption to your day is kept to a minimum.

In truth, we have a number of solutions that we rely upon to get you back up and running without damaging your car. Although it might be tempting to find a solution yourself, this will only lead to more damage and a more costly experience further down the line. Therefore, we use specialized equipment that will do the job with minimum fuss. Regardless of whether you have an old car with little electronics or a completely new car, we will adapt our solution depending on the scenario.

Nowadays, we tend to use an air pillow that can be inflated using a hand pump. After pushing the pillow into the gap between the car door and the frame, we can slowly inflate it to create a wedge. Soon enough, there will be enough space to use a locksmith rod in order to unlock the vehicle safely. If we can fish out the keys, this will be the first option but if not, we will use the hook on the rod to unlock the car. If neither of these options are available, we can lower the windows via the button or even a manual wind. Also, we can even unlock the trunk and gain access this way.

To some, all cars may look the same but thanks to our experience, we know how different types of cars work and we know the weaknesses that they offer. With this in mind, we will instantly find the right solution for your vehicle without causing any damage. With some less experienced, they will try a generic approach to every vehicle but we can focus our service depending on the needs of the customer.

All in all, the best and safest solution is the use of the air wedge because this will create a good gap without bending the door or cracking the window. After inserting the rod and unlocking the vehicle, the process can be reversed without any damage along the way. Even if you aren’t stuck outside your vehicle, we can offer other services such as the programming of electronic keys and the cutting of new keys.

Here at locksmith Delray Beach, we have a few different methods of cutting replacement keys for vehicles and all of them are effective. Normally, we can take the lock off of the door and open the cylinder in order to find the correct shape and have a new key cut using this print. If the ignition and the door have different locks, we will look at the locks on the trunk and glove compartment to see if there is a match somewhere. On most occasions, we will find an identical lock which we can use to have a new key cut.

If this isn’t possible, we can connect to the dealer database and find the code using the VIN number. From here, we can use this to find the key information as well as important programming information. When looking at vehicles with keyless entry, this will normally be the route we choose. However, we will always try the first solution before anything else as it costs us extra money to connect to the dealer.

As a third technique, we can also effectively pick the ignition to then remove it from the steering column. After doing this, we can read the cut from the ignition cylinder. As you can imagine, this requires skill and the correct technique so always call a professional if this is the only solution for you. Although it doesn’t happen very often, we may need to replace the ignition if it has been replaced in the past. At times, the only solution would be to drill the ignition out and install a new one that comes with a new set of keys but this is very much a last resort.

In this day and age, most vehicles will come with a transponder key which uses a tiny chip in the head. When attempting to start the car, an electromagnetic pulse is sent between the key and the engine control unit and a signal is created. Via many different methods, our specialized locksmiths are able to change the programming of said key. After plugging special equipment into a port under the steering wheel, we can complete a process which will see the programming change.

For any of the above services, feel free to give us a call today. Over the phone, we can give you a quote as well as our prices and length of work.

Residential Locksmith Delray Beach

In addition to automotive, we also offer a residential service just in case you need to change your locks or if you happen to lock yourself outside of your home, condo, apartment, or mobile unit. If it has a lock, we can help.

Although we do offer other residential services, the most common is a lockout and we help to get you back into your home. Whether that includes replacing the whole lock or simply rekeying a lock, give us a call and we will get to you as soon as possible. Have you ever been in a rush because you woke up late and closed the door without checking to see if you have your keys? We have and that’s why we first decided to provide the solution. When this occurs, it leads to frustration but there is nothing you can do. You need to work towards a solution and your first part of call should be our locksmith services. Not only will we get you back in, we will give you advice so this sort of thing never happens again; for example, you should carry a spare key in your wallet.

Another common problem for locks is when the key or lock gets jammed and nothing can be moved; usually, this will happen with a deadbolt. Maybe you have tried to lock the door with the wrong key and now it got stuck? Again, this is something that can happen to anyone and the solution isn’t to hit it with a hammer and hope for the best. After contacting us, we will fix the problem with special tools without causing irreparable damage to the lock and the door.

As a Delray Beach locksmith, we have numerous methods to rely upon when unlocking a deadbolt or a doorknob. Although it is a classic and doesn’t involve any technology, picking the lock is actually still one of the best routes to choose. With special pick tools, we will attempt to copy the exact action of the key and therefore gain access to your home. As we insert our tools, we will try and mirror the movements that a key would make with the different cuts and grooves.

As we have said, lock picking is actually extremely simple…if you know what you’re doing. Of course, we have experience and can complete the process without causing any damage so always be sure to contact us rather than trying to do it yourself.

If this doesn’t work, we will use a tool that is similar to the air wedge that we use for vehicles. If the doorknob is actually locked, we can insert the tool into the doorframe and apply some air in order to create a gap for a screwdriver. If possible, we will then push the latch in and open the door. Although this won’t unlock the door, it will allow us into the house to then complete a full repair. However, this option may not be available for doors that are too tight to the frame. In older doors, we are normally afforded a little space so this technique will be available for some scenarios.

If we’re forced to a last resort, we will attempt to extract the cylinder by using a small drill bit. Depending on the lock itself, we will choose an appropriate size and drill into the head of the keyway whilst trying to break the security pins. Generally, locks will have five security pins at the top and five at the bottom that prevent the lock from turning. By drilling out the bottom five, the top pins should then drop down and we can clear this with a small screwdriver. As soon as all of the pins are out of the way, the lock can be turned using a tool.

At times, you may have a lock-related job that isn’t an emergency such as a simple change of the locks and we are also more than happy to help here. If there are people with access to your keys or you simply want to update your lock to a newer, safer version, just give us a call and we will come at a time that is good for you. By calling a professional, you will be getting an efficient service with the assurance that the lock will be installed correctly thus reducing the chances of intruders.

If you don’t want to change over the whole lock system, we can also complete a process called ‘rekeying’ and this effectively just changes the security pins in the cylinder. With this in mind, only new keys will fit without having to change over the whole lock system. If the locks are in good condition but you want new keys, this is a good solution. As rekeying is cheaper than changing over a complete set, this may be the solution for you after moving into a new home or if it has started to stick a little when opening. After a simple review, we can let you know how much the process will cost and how quickly we can have it completed.

Commercial Locksmith Delray Beach

As well as vehicles and residential properties, we also have a third main service in the shape of commercial locksmith service. As we have a dedicated team for this very job, you can contact us today with any business needs you may have. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses that needed a commercial locksmith in Delray Beach, so why not add your name to the list?

As well as replacing the locks to the storefront and inside offices, we can install high security solutions and even rekey all types of locks. Additionally, we can set up a master key system for any business, big or small. Over the years, you will be dealing with a locksmith many times because it is easy to get locked out and you will also change the locks every so often; for this reason, we would love to form a relationship up with you so in the future, we know your business inside out and can make judgments based on efficiency and maximum security. When it comes to business, no chances can be taken when a key is lost so team up with us and let’s work together.

Over time, we have learned that it is best to carry around the parts that might be needed for businesses so we are guaranteed to have the cylinders for your lock at all times. With this in mind, you can call us today and, even if we are on the road, we can come to you and replace the Commercial Mortise Cylinder for the most common used today storefront mechanism used today, the Adams Rite.

If you find yourself locked out of your business, we will first try and pick the cylinder but this will often be harder than on a residential property. If this isn’t an option or it doesn’t work, we will attempt to take out the cylinder by carefully drilling around the outside and the security pins found inside the tumbler. If successful, we will gain access without causing damage to the lock itself. Although commercial locks are normally made from a tougher material, they can still be accessed and our tools will allow us a route inside one way or another. Even if you have a deadbolt and the highest security possible, we will find a way inside so that the disruption to your day is kept to a minimum.

As well as helping you back inside your business, locksmith Delray Beach will also replace locks that are broken or need changing and install completely new locks whenever necessary. In addition to this, we can rekey and help with master key systems. If you have just moved into a new building, we highly recommend that you change the locks as soon as possible because you can’t be sure of who has a key. If you have a high employee turnover and they all get access to a key, you should be looking to change the locks regularly especially if you had to let them go. Once you lose an employee, whether you got the key back or not, you should rekey or replace your locks to be sure there isn’t a loose copy somewhere.

Furthermore, you can also get in contact if you feel as though you aren’t currently seeing maximum protection from your current lock. After evaluating your business, we will suggest the course of action and help you to make it happen. Of course, we will be honest if we feel as though you are sufficiently protected as well as giving you tips on how to improve.

Master Key System

As the name suggests, this is a system that has a master key that can control every single lock in the system. Even though each key will work independently, there will still be a master key above it that has access to different locks. If you have multiple locks in your building, this can be a great option for a manager because it means that managers and owners can have just one key rather than a huge key ring. If this sounds like a good plan for your business, we would be more than happy to arrange it for you. Regardless of the size of your business, this is a good system to install.

Push Bars

As well as the standard locks and services we have mentioned, we will also install and maintain alternative door closers and locking devices. For example, some businesses and public buildings have what we call ‘panic bars’ or simple push bars or exit devices and these have to be installed in compliance of the appropriate fire safety laws.

High Security Locks

Including Best, Falcon, Medeco, and more, we will install the highest safety locks that have ever been produced. With these in tow, your business will be as safe as possible.


Electronic Locks

Finally, we can also help with electronic keypads that require your members of staff to enter passwords or key codes before entry. If your business sees a lot of visitors, this can be an efficient way of keeping out intruders. Over time, you will need to program the device and even change the codes so be sure to contact us for help. If each employee has their own code, you can even block them once they have left the company.

As you can see, we offer a superb, all inclusive locksmith service. Whatever your needs may be and no matter how stressful your scenario currently is, we will provide an efficient service with a smile. After contacting us, you know that the solution is just around the corner!